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Rogues Gallery

3 September
poet, actor, teacher, guru, soul, jazz, zen, christian, husband, brother, mentor, father, freak

1984, a clockwork orange, acting, albert camus, andrew lloyd webber, art, badgers badgers badgers, batgirl, batman, ben folds, black, bob and tom, bob dylan, book of bunny suicides, brave new world, buddy hackett, calvin and hobbes, chappelle's show, charlie chaplin, chasing amy, cheat commandos, chevy chase, clerks, college, comedy central, dave chappelle, david letterman, depeche mode, dogma, edgar allen poe, edward gorey, empire records, family guy, fishnets, france, futurama, gloomcookie, goodwill, goth, homestarrunner, hot pockets, hot topic, isaac asimov, jason lee, jeremy irons, jesus, jim's big ego, johnny depp, jon stewart, julia stiles, kenneth branaugh, kenya, kevin smith, kids in the hall, kip, kurt cobain, lake michigan, last comic standing, lenore, lewis black, louvre, m.c. escher, madison, makeup, mallrats, manitowoc, mario kart, maroon 5, martin short, mel brooks, milwaukee, mixtapes, monty python, morissey, movies, music, mythology, nine inch nails, nirvana, norah, office space, photography, pirates of the carribean, pixies, poetry, pulp fiction, pure drivel, reno 911, reservoir dogs, robert smith, robin, rocky horror picture show, roman dirge, saturday night live, shakespeare, shamrock shakes, shopgirl, sleeping, south park, star gazing, steve martin, strong bad, taco bell, talking heads, the crow, the cure, the daily show, the killers, the matrix, the monkees, the onion, the pixies, the ramones, the smiths, the state, theatre, they might be giants, tim burton, u2, violent femmes, weebls-stuff, weezer, willy wonka, writing